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Support the law enforcement advocacy of Behind the Thin Blue Line, LLC in New Haven, CT, and help protect the rights of our law enforcers and their families. Serving members of the law enforcement community nationwide, we are here to make sure that our police and their loved ones get their full rights and do not suffer from unjust treatment from elected officials and the public.

Words From Company Owner Marissa Cullen

On Being a Police Officer’s Wife

I'm a cop’s wife.

Let me explain to you what that means. It means comforting your children who are crying because daddy had to go to work, AGAIN. It means constant, worry, stress, and anxiety. It means consistently doing activities and family outings while missing your other half. It means missed Christmases, Birthdays, Anniversaries, and other special occasions. It means sleeping alone, ALOT. It means I get to see my handsome husband in uniform every day! It also means pride, humility, determination, loyalty, and an awful lot of prayers.

Now don't misunderstand me when I say these things. I am in no way complaining about the life we chose. My husband was born to be a cop. He served in the Air Force, and now proudly serves the City of Hartford. This life is not for the weak, emotionally or physically. There are days where it is very easy to go through the motions, and not let the job he does affect us. I don't sit here every day constantly worried about his safety, I know he is ok, he has a brother/sister watching his back. There are some days however, where it’s really overwhelming. The job. The house. The bills. The kids. The worry. Now I understand almost everyone has those "problems," but it’s especially difficult when your spouse is off protecting and serving others, and you have to figure it out. We have maintained a fantastic marriage through communication, but it’s hard. I can't just pick up the phone and talk about the good or bad things that happened. Sometimes I have to wait hours or days before we can talk about it. That is when it’s rough.

When an Officer is injured or killed, the worry intensifies. If it happens to be in his City, and the news is reporting an Officer injured, and I can't get hold of him, panic sets in. Any cop’s wife who says it doesn't is kidding themselves. All too often as we hear of and watch the fatalities and injuries of officers and I have to pray for their spouse, while feeling guilty that I'm grateful my husband wasn't hurt. A part of us dies when a cop dies, at least those who belong to the family of the thin blue line. We watch with tears streaming down our face the ceremonies on TV, feeling pride at the amazing send-off our heroes get, feeling terrified because that is our worst fear playing out in front of us. Most (if not all) police wives/spouses have planned the funeral in their head, thought about how they would tell their children, how they would manage to get through a day without the love of their life.

My husband is an amazing man, a fantastic father, and a damn good cop. We are unbelievably proud of him for his dedication to his job, his co-workers, and the city which he serves. Not everyone feels that way. There are far too many times our elected "leaders" blame the issues on the cops, they seem to forget that they were the ones who created the laws the cops are enforcing. Being a cop’s wife means that sometimes you have to remind these politicians just who they are messing with. It means that sometimes you have to take a stand and speak louder than they do. It’s not always easy, especially when you worry that being outspoken could affect your spouse on the job, but it’s always rewarding, and your spouse knows that no matter what you have their back. That is immeasurable.

Let Our Voices Be Heard

It can be confusing how we all live in a society where murdering law enforcement officers is accepted. It is also disappointing how no one is speaking out against this war being waged on our police officers. If you believe in the cause of our law enforcement advocacy group, we encourage you to reach out to us. We are always glad to hear from you.