In Support of Law Enforcement


Saying No to Law Enforcement Discrimination

Have you ever experienced prejudice and unfair treatment because you or your loved one works in law enforcement? You are not alone. Fighting for your rights is Behind the Thin Blue Line, LLC in New Haven, CT. We are a law enforcement support group that aims to raise awareness on issues like law enforcement discrimination.

Current Events

 In the last two months we have successfully challenged State Representative Minnie Gonzalez (D-Hartford) in her anti-police bill.  We have challenged Jim Chambers, a GA Gym owner who feels that police and veterans are not welcome in his establishment. We have attempted to open dialogue with they City of Hartford's Mayor Luke Bronin (D) with no response. We have also raised over $2,000 which has helped us to spread our information throughout the country! There is still so much more to do and be done, and the 2017 legislative session will be starting up again soon!

Marissa has also been asked to become a contributing writer on Law Enforcement Today, and with Marissa has also become active in pushing a positive law enforcement agenda with several gubernatorial candidates in CT.

We intend to keep the pressure on, support Law Enforcement, and keep our name in the news. We have hired Alison Maloni, of Alison May Public Relations to help get us local, and national news coverage.

We also hope to be able to sell merchandise with our branding, in the near future.


The True Meaning of Law Enforcement

With police discrimination growing rampant, advocacy group owner Marissa Cullen believes that police officers statistically have more to fear from the public than the other way around. For her, cops and soldiers do not sign up to die. Dying or being killed is not part of their job. Their role is to protect the communities they serve and to enforce the laws made by elected officials. Most importantly, they deserve to be able to come home to their families safe and sound.

Learn More About Our Advocacy Group

Behind the Thin Blue Line, LLC is here to spread its advocacy on law enforcement support. Other measures we take include gaining political attention, raising funds, and increasing awareness about matters concerning those in the law enforcement and their families. To learn more about what we do, feel free to contact us.