Trusted Advocacy Group

A Voice for the Police Officers

A compassionate advocacy group in New Haven, CT, Behind the Thin Blue Line, LLC helps raise awareness on relevant nationwide issues concerning our police. Fortunately, some media outlets have heard our voice and featured us in their publications. We invite you to read the articles of Eyewitness News and New Boston Post about our advocacy group.

Publications of Our Advocacy Group

We Walk Our Walk

To give you a better idea of how we carry out our movement, feel free to download and read these open letters we have published about relevant issues such as administration of public safety departments and discrimination against law enforcement.

Support Our Advocacy Group

Our police officers deserve to be praised, commended, and prayed for. They deserve our gratitude, not the condemnation of elected officials. They need a voice to support and thank them. For more information on how to be part of our advocacy group, get in touch with us.